Peace in the Holy Land

Prayer for peace in the Holy Land
By Joespeh Cornelius Donnelly, Head of Caritas Internationalis Delegation, UN in New York,

Lord, Jesus Christ,
Son of the Living God,
we come to in the sacredness of life,
conscious of the gift of every human being,
created in your image and likeness.
We come before you this November time
when the global community notes again
its solemn commemoration and concerns for
the inalienable rights of Palestinian People.

We pray for all your people,
for Jews, Christians and Muslims,
for Israelis, Palestinians, Arabs,
whose lives are inextricably linked everyday
in the Holy Land they must share.
You are the loving author of life.
All rights are God-given, from you to us.
We pray for our sisters and brothers,
longsuffering in Jerusalem, the West Bank,
and in Gaza where they are cut off from us.
We pray for the innocent victims of violence.
We pray that all extreme actions will cease.
We pray for new measures of courageous leadership.

With friends, partners and all believers in The Land,
and across the fragile earth we share, we pray too
that our coming together will multiply good will
for genuine opportunities to build peace together.
We pray for a peace as real as the ancient olive trees
so that a beautiful landscape will be fruitful once more.
We pray that the will for such a peace grows daily
so that in all hearts we unite rather than divide,
so that we can be sheltering trees in good times and bad.

Indeed, Lord,
we pray to walk humbly together,
to love justice as the greatest witness in gratitude to you
for the precious gift of life we treasure –
in the Holy Land and everywhere in the beauty of peace.


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One response to “Peace in the Holy Land

  1. Doug Hostetter

    Thanks, Joe. Beautiful prayer during this time when we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace. . .

    Doug Hostetter

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