Greetings from Poznan,

by Christine Campeau & Floriana Polito

The Caritas Internationalis Climate Change Delegation has arrived at the United Nation Climate Change meeting (UNFCCC) in Poznan, Poland.

The Geneva team, consisting of Floriana Polito and Christine Campeau, will be closely following the negotiation process. Caritas Bangladesh, Caritas Kenya, Caritas India and Caritas Poland will also be joining our Geneva team in the next coming days in order to give a strong voice to Caritas in the climate change debate.

There is shared determination to support action at local and global levels given the urgent need to accelerate action on mitigation to address the causes of climate change and avoid future catastrophic consequences of global warming while at the same time making efforts for adaptation to future and impacts. A key role of the United Nations is thus to facilitate efforts in areas of finance, technology and capacity-building.

Aside from the formal negotiations, daily side-events are held by UN agencies and NGOs covering a wide range of issues.

Caritas particularly attended the side-event on ‘The Humanitarian Response to Climate Change’ that dealt with the early warning systems needed to increase the preparedness and response information safeguards for the most vulnerable people to help them minimize the impacts of natural disasters.

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