Thank you Caritas Poznan

By Chrisitine Campaeu

On the last day of our trip to Poland, the Caritas Internationalis delegation made a farewell stop to Caritas Poznan. This visit was in order to thank them for all their local support during the launch of our campaign.

A special thanks was given to Adam Powierza. Although he is a new member to Caritas Poznan team, he is one of the only English speakers on staff and was instrumental in arranging everything from the pre-launch debriefing of the campaign, to the mass at Fara Church, and the press conference.

Adam made mention that Caritas Poznan is one of the 41 diocesan organizations of Caritas Poland. He, with help from another Project Manager named Jan Montowski, enlightened us to the monthly projects that Caritas Poznan are currently involved in. These programs include an annual Christmas Candle sale to raise money for single-parent families and an educational center for drug-addicted youths.

Additional works include a hot meal service served daily at five different location centers around Poznan. In addition, they also assist in local food program that distributes surplus agricultural products from polish farmers to needy families. This project receives additional support from the European Union.

We give a special thanks to Father Marian Subocz of Caritas Poland. He was one of the Caritas speakers at the press conference and assisted us during our stay in Poland.

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