A day in Gaza

By Caritas Jerusalem staff

One day in Gaza, while people strolled through the markets, children sitting in classes wondering what they will do after the teacher will finish explaining Math and Science, and the other students wondering about the match of football they will have after a long day of sitting in class, the simple basics of life granted to everyone, supposedly; a place where they have heard of freedom but not experienced it.

Since 2006 1.5 million Palestinians have been impenetrably blockaded and deprived of work, deprived of food, deprived of basic freedoms, and deprived of any semblance of a future.

Unaware of what awaits them on a Saturday morning; children, men, women, everyone, began their day not knowing that they will not see their neighbors, mothers, fathers and daughters, teachers and students, employees and colleagues. Then it hits. Sudden constant bombardments by Israel awake people of Gaza to the reality, that these might be the last goodbyes.

Four days and counting have passed and the air strikes by Israel have left 345 Palestinians dead and 1, 650 injured and yet no sign of rest.

The humanitarian situation in Gaza is dreadful. There is severe shortage of fuel, electricity, water and food. Hospitals are unable to receive the wounded due to lack of medical supplies, tools and beds. According to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon this escalation of violence is “unacceptable.”

We ask you, friends to raise your voices against the ongoing bombing of Gaza and work to put an end to the injustice, suffering and violence.

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