Caritas Jerusalem statement on Gaza attacks

Caritas Jerusalem unreservedly condemns violence on either side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a means to achieve political end.

However, the continuing shelling of towns and urban centers in the Gaza Strip perpetrated by the massively superior force of arms of the Israeli Army leaves any moral thinking human being absolutely stunned particularly by the disproportionate response .

The number of fatalities now is over 360 and more than 1650 casualties testify to the ferocity of the onslaught and can in no way be justified , notwithstanding the media blitz by Israel to occupy the moral high ground for its actions. Whether it can sustain that position in the face of the massive destruction of life and property is doubtful.

Caritas has one medical centre in Gaza , six emergency medical points and a mobile clinic. The latter is unable to go out and offer the aid for which it has been established because of the relentless bombardment.

Caritas Jerusalem calls for an immediate cessation of the air strikes and bombardment to be followed by a dialogue to lift the siege of Gaza and call off the embargo. It took 41 years of Israeli occupation of the East Jerusalem, West Bank and the Gaza Strip, before the world acknowledged it for what it is.

Caritas Jerusalem hopes and prays it will not take years for a solution to be agreed between the warring parties for all hostilities to cease and for peace and justice to prevail.

At this time our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Gaza.

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