After Aila: Emerging problems in India

By Caritas India partners Seva Kendra Calcutta (SKC)

Cyclone Aila hit India on 2 May. Caritas partners have been responding to the food and shelter needs of the people. One problem that is emerging as a serious one is that of sanitation. We were informed that in Kalinagar, the places that are being used as shelters do not have toilet facilities.

Moreover the ground floor of these colleges and schools are inundated. So it is difficult for these people to even go out to answer natures call. As a result, the area has become extremely dirty and is posing a grave health risk with possibilities of outbreaks of diseases.

Drinking water is yet another problem in Kalinagar and Sehara Radhanagar. We were told that people are managing their water needs on their own and with many tube wells submerged they might be using contaminated water for drinking purposes. Therefore health, sanitation and medical concerns are beginning to take serious shape.

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