Climate Justice: Seeking a new global ethic

EnglishCOVERBy +Oscar Andrés Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga S.D.B. President Caritas Internationalis

Caritas Internationalis is strongly committed to global efforts to address climate change and is counting on the important voice of Church, government, and civic leaders to emphasize the moral imperative of action to tackle the serious threat posed by climate change to all humanity and creation.

Climate change has been a priority area of study, advocacy and action within our confederation. With today’s launch of our report Climate Justice: Seeking a new global ethic, we focus on the ethical, moral and theological dimensions of the crisis.

The full report can be viewed here:

In English
In French
In Spanish

Gospel values and Catholic Social Teaching forms and informs Caritas action. The report looks at the Biblical principles behind our message on climate change. It shares good practices in response to climate change that have been developed by our member organisations around the world.

In view of the upcoming Copenhagen climate summit in December, the report urges governments to adopt an effective legal binding agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions and increase aid for poor countries so they can adapt to harsher climatic conditions.

The report also emphasizes that financial support for green technologies and green processes is critical for the sustainable development of poor countries. Beyond Copenhagen, the report looks for seismic shifts in daily lifestyle patterns that will be central to combating climate change.

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