Iraq’s children play for peace

Make me a channel of your peace.
Where there is hatred let me bring your

By Caritas Iraq staff

Over two dozen children died in Iraq’s latest bombing. They were on a bus coming home from a day care centre. They could have been part of Iraq’s future – growing up, getting a job, having their own children; but they just became another number and a fraction of the 155 people killed and the hundreds injured when extremists bombed one of the safest zones in Baghdad last weekend.

Children are Iraq’s valuable resource. More precious than oil. It is the children who will grow up and lay the groundwork for a safe and democratic society.

It is children that Caritas Iraq focused on when they held a festival with the theme of peace. Children who were from vulnerable families and who were from different sects and different parts of society were brought together to play and learn.

The festival, which was held in a Baghdad park, aimed to “break the barrier of fear” among children who had known nothing but war for the previous six years.

Caritas Iraq held a drawing contest and talked to the children about the differences between peace and violence. The ultimate aim was to create a sense of tranquility among the children and give them the tools to live in peaceful coexistence.


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2 responses to “Iraq’s children play for peace

  1. My sincere thanks to the Caritas Iraq for bringing the children together in order to give them hope for the future. The event of bombing can only be attributed to the work of the evil one but my word is courage and be consistent with the good that the Lord God wants you to continue to give to our people (God loving) in Iraq. Courage and keep strong. The Lord God is with you.

    As for those innocent lives that have perished in the bloody blast, may God the merciful and loving Father take them all to his heavenly home where true peace reigns Amen.

    Omina Leo

  2. Anne

    I am saddened about the continued plight of the Iraqi children as they are the future of this beautiful country. I pray that God rewards you for your efforts to bring a little light and happiness into the lives of the children who have experienced so much pain.
    Asalaamu aleikum wa rahmatullah,

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