Caritas Haiti safe, needs great

Caritas Haiti staff member Christroi de Madian

Caritas Haiti staff and their families are reportedly safe after a devastating earthquake struck yesterday near the capital Port-au-Prince.

Fausta Jean-Maurice, Programme Coordinator for Caritas Haiti has been able to get in touch with Caritas Internationalis Headquarters in Rome. Joseph Jonides Villarson, the Head of Emergencies for Caritas Haiti, said the team was outside the capital at an annual planning meeting when the earthquake struck.

Returning now, they say the situation is one of devastating with many dead and many buildings destroyed.

Joseph Jonides Villarso said, “Caritas Haiti is only contactable by email. Communications remains a big challenge with the local staff. There is an immediate lack of provisions such as food and water.

“Caritas has people ready to help as well as some stocks on the ground such as tents, crutches, and clothing.”

Caritas Haiti have already met with Karel Zalenka of CRS in Haiti. Mr Zalenka said, “We are trying to organize, communications is the number one problem as most phones are down and internet erratic. No rescue efforts thus far, casualties will be enormous due to the violence of the earthquake and structure of houses here. No water, food in short supply. People in a state of shock trying to rescue their loved ones with bare hands.”

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  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti suffering from this horrible tragedy. Please know that the staff and members of Development and Peace / Caritas Canada will do all we can to offer our solidarity and assitance and that the prayers of Canadian Catholics will be with you.

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