Haiti Earthquake

Caritas is putting together a team to fly out today to respond to the Haiti earthquake. We’re looking at a major humanitarian response. A big earthquake near a densely populated badly built urban centre in a poor country, with poor infrastructure. Port-au-Prince has been a time bomb of failed development and now its gone off.

The team from Rome will consist of Alistair Dutton, our Humanitarian Director, and Michele Hough, our Communications Officer. We’ll be bringing in technical experts on logistics, water and sanitation, health and shelter from our members.

Caritas Haiti will already be working on the ground in parishes, church halls and community centres providing food, blankets and shelter. CRS, one of our American members, also has an impressive operation in Haiti with many staff.

Until we know more, let out prayers be with all Caritas workers there and the people of Haiti.


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4 responses to “Haiti Earthquake

  1. Nicola Addesso

    Sono un ingegnere edile, esperto in edilizia, ho operato in friuli nel dopo terremoto, sarei disponibile a prestare gratis la mia opera ad Haiti, sto cercando organizzazioni per attuare questo mio proposito,
    Nicola Addesso

  2. andy zitnay

    my friends and family want to doante to the releif effort in haiti, let me know how

  3. I am not very good there in my English but…
    Then it is the following one, I have come to create blogues and divulging the Cáritas, I have made everything what I could. Unhappyly I do not have money enough to donate, then, I make this so that they donate more, since I do not obtain to make more nothing…
    I do not know will be useless or not, my aid, but I wait that, even so either little, it serves for some thing.
    Haiti counts with us, and we count on the aid of all! a good has, Diana.

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