Caritas in action in Haiti

Caritas Haiti helping survivors of the quake

Caritas Haiti staff have been visiting some of the worst affected people following the deadly earthquake near the capital Port-au-Prince to deliver aid.

They’re handing out tents and blankets, as well as providing first aid and care to people that are in desperate need of help.

Haiti is a difficult place to work, but Caritas has the community networks which will help it find and help those in the direst need. It also has the experience and infrastruture in Haiti to get aid in quickly.

The scene is one of utter devastation.

“Many people have been killed in Port-au-Prince,” said Caritas Haiti Head of Emergencies Joseph Jonidès Villarson.

“Their bodies are everywhere on the streets of the capital. People are still under the debris. The hospitals are overwhelmed with the dead and injured. The risk of disease is great. The streets and public places are filled with people who do not know where to go.”

Caritas is using the local radio to urge calm.

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