Haiti Quake: Churches badly hit

Parish of Sacre Coeur, Turgeau

Caritas Haiti is reporting extensive damage to Catholic churches and property in Haiti following a devastating earthquake.

“Most of the churches have been destroyed in Port-au-Prince,” said Fausta Jean-Maurice, Emergency Coordinator of Caritas Haiti. The cathedral, seminaries, schools, and other buildings have also been destroyed.

Archbishop Joseph Miot of Port-au-Prince died after his residency collapsed.

Cathedral of Port-au-Prince

Staff have been able to visit many of the worst affected areas. They’ve been able to give out aid such as blankets and medical help.

Caritas works through the church and through parish groups. The destruction of so many of the churches is a devastating loss as people seek consolation in this tradegy.

Parish  of Saint Louis Roi de France, Turgea

Parish of Saint Louis Roi de France, Turgeau

Caritas Internationalis President Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez has called for special prayers in solidarity with the people of Haiti this Sunday.

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