Help for China quake survivors coming from Taiwan

By Caritas Taiwan staff

Caritas Taiwan and its partners in China including the Lama group have immediately responded to the needs of the earthquake survivors in the western province of Qinghai in China.

The whole afternoon yesterday, our partners in China completed the impossible task. The goods listed below were already bought and delivered to the devastated area for distribution.

1) 100 quilts – $90/piece (7 pounds heavy)

2) 200 cotton-padded jackets – $80/piece

3) 200 pairs of leather shoes – $25/pair

4) 46 cotton-padded jackets for small boys.

5) 51 cotton-padded jackets for small girls.

The disaster relief centre requests that all relief goods and materials will be put together or to be channeled through the “government affairs office” in Yu-su. But we brought our relief goods to Nang Qian.

After arriving,  our team drove the goods to the disaster site. The government is regulating the entrance of vehicles for safety and is prioritizing those who are delivering relief assistance. We are thankful for our local partners who are familiar with the area. The government is distributing relief commodities in the town centre, so we distributed the goods to the people whom the government has not reached.

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