Caritas voices against poverty No: 2

Caritas promotes the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a series of eight targets aimed improving the lives of poor people now and dramatically diminishing the extreme suffering of women, men and children everywhere.

Voices Against Poverty

By Joseph Donnelly, Permanent Representative of Caritas Internationalis to the UN in New York

We, the Peoples…

We belong to one another.

We are one humanity beyond every border, barrier.

We are more together than alone, isolated.

We match our diversity with your uniqueness.

We use our individual rights responsibilities to serve all.

We are the natural resources needed to grow global abundance.

We are voices against poverty.

We are farmers respectful of the earth, the dirt, the food.

We are fishermen respectful of the waters, the sea, living things.

We are scientists respectful of nature, bodies, humanity.

We are educators respectful of every mind, all abilities, learning.

We are doctors respectful of the dignity of every person, every age.

We are governments respectful of rule of law, justice, common good.

We are voices against poverty.

We are women with competence, capacity, commitments.

We are children with appetites, instincts and natural rights.

We are indigenous peoples integrated with our native lands.

We are families, parents with potentials for building futures.

We are communities standing up for each other, for all.

We are hidden ones, quiet ones listening everywhere.

We are voices against poverty.

Your hands are my help.

Your feet are my mile.

Your wisdom is my education.

Your compassion – my health.

Your hard work – my challenge.

Your commitment – my courage too.

We are voices against poverty.

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