Haiti: If miracles could happen No: 2

Caritas asked survivors of the 12 January earthquake in Haiti “if a miracle could happen, what would you wish for?”

Vercilia Desrameau, 52, shelter and hygiene kits distribution, Gressier

“If a miracle could happen, I would have my shop back”

Vercilia, 52, lives together with her 12 kids -aged 14 to 32- in Saint Antoine, a rural community located near Gressier, 30 km away from Port-au-Prince. Her husband died in 1999. “He was very ill”, she says, unable to explain what caused his death.

“The quake took everything we had. I lost my house, and so did my kids. Now the 12 of us to live together in one tent. It is difficult but it is better this way. We can help each other”, said the old woman.

Thanks to the shelter and hygiene kits Caritas gave her, she will “be able to accommodate better the whole family and find some space for those who slept outside until now”, she said. “And now, we will finally have dishes to eat!”

“Before the quake, I had a small business. I sold pistachios. Now it is all gone, I have no money left to buy the supplies I need to start the business again. But some of my children have jobs. One works in Port-au-Prince from time to time as a painter, he brings money every now and then. It is better than nothing”.

“I was at home during quake, with two of my grandchildren. When the earth started to shake, we ran as fast as we could to leave the house. No one died. I thank God every day. But I was sick for weeks after that. I had a fever”, she said.

“When I think about the quake, I feel nothing. Nothing at all”.

“But if a miracle could happen, I would have my shop back”.

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