Haiti: If miracles could happen No: 3

Caritas asked survivors of the 12 January earthquake in Haiti “if a miracle could happen, what would you wish for?”

Saltana Obout, 60, Sibert (Northern PAP), tent beneficiary

“If a miracle could happen, things would go back to normal. There wouldn’t have been an earthquake”.

Sultana lives in Sibert with her 6 children, her sick husband and her 3 grandchildren. Some lived with her prior to the earthquake when others joined the family after the event.

“I lost everything in the quake. My house, my belongings and even my shop. The tent we were given by Caritas is the only shelter the family can dispose of. Though we are very happy we have a roof over our heads, the place is too small for 10 people, particularly at night, when the rain starts”, she said.

A Caritas Cash for Work team cleared the rubbles of their destroyed house in March and used the space to set up the tent.

Like most people in Sibert, the old lady was running a ‘petit business’ (small business), where she was selling charcoal, oil, rice, flour.

“Everything was crashed and destroyed by the quake so there is nothing left to sell. I am jobless now and so is the rest of the family. Life is difficult but friends and neighbours help us to get by. Those who have some give us a little food, or let us use their water for showering or cooking”, she said.

“No one died in the quake. We were lucky enough to be able to leave the house before it fell. Fear is the one thing I can remember clearly from this day. I don’t want to feel like that ever again. If a miracle could happen, things would go back to normal. There wouldn’t have been an earthquake”, the old lady said.

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