Caritas voices against poverty No.3

Making sure children under five survive and prosper is just one of the Millennium Development Goals.

By Joseph Donnelly, Caritas Internationalis Permanent Delegate at the UN

As the UN’s MDG2010Summit gains increasing attention toward September, the priority issues for CARITAS remain precisely the same around the world. Eradicate suffering more and more everyday – to SAVE LIVES NOW!

End poverty.Stop the scandal of hunger in a world of plenty.

Educate all children all the time everywhere.

Support & protect girls & women as equal human beings.

Reduce the deaths of children under five years old.

Improve health for all mothers.

Fight HIV/AIDS, malaria & dreaded diseases.

Ensure safe environments, resources & water.

Develop global development partnerships.

Our Caritas call to action has been on the agenda before the MDGs. Our investments in the lives of others are a constant. Our commitments attempt to match the heroic courage of men and women. Our collective resources multiply for the common good. We keep working at this, near and far, as our primary call: Respect for people! Protection of civilians! SAVE LIVES NOW!

Caritas is reminding national and global leaders of what 189 Member States signed as promises to humanity ten years ago. We call on every Caritas members, partner, staff, volunteer, supporter, friend: Stand up as Caritas voices against poverty. Don’t sit back to let others speak for you, your community, your country. In the last ten years there have been some modest, even meaningful efforts. It’s just not enough – to make the necessary differences, to save lives now.

Those born vulnerable – or made vulnerable by circumstances beyond their control, they are the people Caritas reaches out to assist, to lift up and encourage forward. We meet them enduring extreme situations of crisis, disaster, exploitation and grave loss. As global partners with the UN Millennium Campaign we advocate widely to END POVERTY!

Nothing this important can be done alone – it needs every one of us to act where we are:

TO ASK QUESTIONS, educate about poverty about realities poor people face daily

TO PRAY for sisters, brothers, children, elderly, families in need – near and far

TO ADVOCATE with local and national governments, demanding action on promises

TO PROTECT people and resources, natural treasures in every community

TO BRIDGE GAPS where compassion rooted in concrete actions saves lives

TO BUILD PARTNERSHIPS so knowledge and expertise have opportunities

TO REDUCE SUFFERING & INJUSTICES, physical, economic, social deprivation

TO REJECT VIOLENCE in all its forms under all circumstances which steal life

The best way to seriously engage with Caritas Voices Against Poverty is with steadfast vigilance, reading seriously beyond the rhetoric and by engaging others.

One determined person, a tenacious respectful advocate, can make life-saving differences.

Stay informed! Look ahead! Make constructive noises which can be heard in high places. Follow the seemingly endless reports, updates, action plans and coming events around the UN, as well at every regional level in your country and continent.

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One response to “Caritas voices against poverty No.3

  1. Léonidas NTIRAMPEBA

    I’m Léonidas NTIRAMPEBA, a Burundian and experienced in community development especially in Reintegration and Reinsertion of vulnerable people such as Orphans and other Vulnerable Children, ex-combattants including women, children (soldiers) and so on. I observe the interventions of Caritas International in our country and all over the World through internet. Today is occured to appreciated its interventions more particularly in Food Security, fighting against Malaria and so on. I would like then to propose Caritas International to multiply the capacity reinforcement activities for its employees on the accompgniment of agricultural producers including Agricultural Professional Organisations (APO) on different items such as agricultural intensification, techniques of preparation and sharing the fields, techniques of agricultural ways management and so on so as to increase the agricultural production.

    I would like also to demand Caritas International to work in HIV/AIDS domain to limit the infected people in Burundi. When I see that it starts, I will contribute the best methods and strategies to achieve the expected results.

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