World Environment Day in Pakistan with special children

A group of children with disabilities put on a show on the environment in Pakistan

Caritas Pakistan marked World Environment Day with the special children on the 5th June 2010 in close collaboration with TSA Special Education School at TSA Hall Race Course Road Lahore.

Meanwhile, relief efforts by Caritas Pakistan were also being rushed to help 25,000 people left stranded in a June 4 mudslide that killed at least 20 in Hunza, in northern Pakistan.

Environment Day was observed around a global theme “Many Species, one planet, one Future”. The main objective of celebrating the day with the special children was to enhance their understanding about environmental issues and encourage them to express their feelings and learning about environment.

Moreover, the nourishment and conservation of plants by the special children helping them through “garden healing therapy” was another motive of this event. Around 50 participants were in attendance. The mentally and physically challenged and sight impaired children/adults coming from poor urban slum areas staged different performances on environment and entertained the audience.

The children and adults from TSA Special Education School and Pakistan Christian Blind Society were enthusiastic and vibrant during their performances. The colourful costumes of the special children, their artwork and decoration of the hall using plants and leaves, drawings and posters was persuasive.

Fr. Joseph Louis, the guest of honor, in his inaugural address stressed to special children and other audience members to convey key learning and messages about environment conservation to the parents and take practical steps to show love and concern with the mother earth.

Mr. Amir Irfan (National Coordinator-Livelihood Program) briefly explained about the background and history of environment day. He also facilitated a session through video documentaries and highlighted the beauty of planet earth, alerted about some reasons of global warming and our possible role in conserving natural resources.

Ms. Barsila, General Manager of TSA Special Education School, introduced TSA, the special children and thanked participants for being together to mark this important day.

Lastly, fruit and flowering plants were donated to the Special Education School & Pakistan Christian Blind Society as a symbol of love with nature and step towards environment conservation and some plants were also planted by the special chaildren, guest of honor and Caritas Pakistan staff members.

Meanwhile, at least 15 people were killed and 30 injured in Karachi after Cyclone Phet made landfall in Sindh province on June 6. Heavy rains crippled infrastructure in the city disrupting power supplies, flooding low-lying areas and forcing the postponement of university and board examinations.

“We have seven trucks loaded with tents, hygiene kits, bedding and kitchen utensils. The mountainous terrain is dangerous and roads are blocked. The problems are combined with the unpredictable weather,” said Nadim Yousaf, a diocesan coordinator of disaster management for Caritas Pakistan Islamabad-Rawalpindi.

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