Caritas volunteer among dead in Iraq church massacre

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Funerals were held today at the Cathedral of St. Joseph (Khirbanda) in Baghdad for the victims of a terrorist attack on Sunday 31 October at the Church of Our Lady of Salvation.

An armed group broke into the Church of Saydat Al-Najat (Lady of Salvation) in the Iraqi capital’s Al-Karrada area during Mass. The congregation was held hostage for 6 hours, with some being released after a Iraqi-American rescue operation.

Three priests Fr Thaer Saadallah Abdal and Fr Wasim Sabih and Fr Raphael Qutaimi were killed along with 58 other people including Caritas Iraq volunteer Saad Adwar. One Caritas Iraq staff member and her child were injured in the attack.

Caritas Iraq staff have been visiting some of the seriously wounded people in hospital, and offering consolation to families of the victims.

Caritas Iraq requested prayers for the victims and their families and for peace in Iraq. Caritas will continue with its community peacebuilding efforts.

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One response to “Caritas volunteer among dead in Iraq church massacre

  1. Steve Ledesma

    I will pray, even for our enemy. In Jesus I trusth. I shall fear no one even on to death. Archangel St. Michael , St.Gabriel, St.Raphael. Help does who need it most. Thanks be to God.

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