Beds, bottles and broadcasts in fight against cholera in Haiti

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Caritas is doing everything it can in an urgent battle to contain an outbreak of cholera in Haiti. Over a thousand people have died so far. The UN predicts that 200,000 people could end up being affected by the disease.

Over 16,000 cases have been referred to hospital. That’s put an even greater burden on Haiti’s overwhelmed health resources, already struggling to rebuild after the 12 January earthquake.

One problem Caritas medical centres are facing is the number of new patients, the other is that cholera victims need special beds.

Gonaives is at the heart of the outbreak. There Caritas is supporting carpenters building beds for cholera victims. Eight beds earns you enough food for a family for a month. The project has been so successful other hospitals and clinics are requesting the Caritas beds.

So far 160 beds have been built in this one project, and they’re now looking at producing smaller beds for children with cholera.

Caritas is also providing hygiene kits and aqua-tabs, as well as putting up posters, giving out advice in church, and running public health messages on the national radio station.

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