Flood Anniversary and the role of Caritas Pakistan

Credit: Caritas Pakistan

Amjad Gulzar, National Executive Secretary of Caritas Pakistan

The first flood anniversary brings back many memories; both happy and sad. We supported the victims in times of pain and suffering but there were many whom we could not reach in time. Caritas Pakistan, helped generously through its international partners and played vital role of bringing relief and help to thousands who suffered the tragedy.

The disaster last year was the worst in the history of the country. Nearly 20 million people were affected by massive floods and heavy rain during July and August 2010.

We shall continue our efforts in the rehabilitation phase with a focus on reconstruction, livelihood restoration, provision of health services and safe drinking water as well as psychosocial care support.
Caritas Pakistan in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has organised a preparedness course this year. The training involved our Country Disaster Management Team keeping in view the monsoon and threat of flood this year.

NDMA also provided the technical support to Caritas Pakistan for training the Disaster Management Team and ensured their regular coordination and cooperation. Caritas Pakistan has developed its Monsoon Contingency Plan taking into account the lesson learned from last year.

We have also developed a book comprising success stories, articles, photos and recognition which will be launched in reference to “Flood anniversary and the role of Caritas Pakistan” in the second week of August 2011.

Caritas Pakistan is confident and enthusiastic to assist the victims in the rehabilitation phase as well as professionally prepared to respond to any type of disaster in cooperation with CI confederation members.


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3 responses to “Flood Anniversary and the role of Caritas Pakistan

  1. Caritas Pakistan is doing a great work for assisting the Flood Victims.

    Yasir Habib
    UNDP – Early Recovery Project

  2. Samina William

    This for the team of Caritas Pakistan, Hat’s of I am the witness of Caritas Pakistan’s work during the flood and also in rehabilitation phase. You people worked with true spirit and still I got news from different sources about your help for the victims. I would love to work with you people as a volunteer where ever you need my help me and my friends are willing to work with your organization. May God Bless you. Keep up this Good work

    Wish you people a very best of luck

  3. Disaster management program of caritas paksitan is prepareing to communities that they how can face flood and other emergency. so this work is great


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