Rio+20: Joining the crowds in the Samba City

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Think of Rio de Janeiro, and you think of bustling street life, honking cars and a vibrant atmosphere.

Rio is busy.  And this week it is beyond busy.

One carioca (that’s how people born and bred in Rio call themselves) at my hostel complains: “I can’t cope with these crowds! What are all these gringos doing here?”

She’s right. Gringos – as Brazilians call the non-Brazilians – are descending on Rio. And with them come security personnel on every corner and traffic jams caused by shuttle buses and motorcades.

The crowds have come to the UN conference on sustainable development and the parallel People’s Summit. Both events follow on from the original UN conference on Sustainable Development back in 1992, hence the nickname Rio+20.

I am here, with CAFOD partners from around the world, because we believe that poor communities need to have their say on the ‘future we want’…

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