Caritas Cambodia awarded medal for flood response work

Caritas distributed rice and other food to flood survivors in autumn 2011. Photo: Caritas

The government of Cambodia has awarded a medal to Caritas Cambodia and to supporting Caritas members who responded to severe flooding in 2011. The medal will be given to Caritas by the country’s prime minister.

Caritas provided food and emergency items to thousands of people when floods struck in autumn 2011. Caritas has also implemented Disaster Risk Reduction programs to help people avoid the loss of life and property during future natural disasters. The Cambodian government praised Caritas’ “Community & Family Based Disaster Preparedness Approach” and is urging ministry and local authorities to adapt the CFBDP for their use.

“We are honoured that Cambodian people and the Royal Government have taken note of our flood relief work and our preparedness programmes,” says Kim Rattana, head of Caritas Cambodia. “Many Caritas members helped us make this happen, so it is a proud day for the whole Caritas network.”

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