Rebel repatriation goes wrong in Congo leading to new crisis

An effort to repatriate Rwanda rebels currently in the Democratic Republic of Congo has ended in violence that’s forced thousands to flee.

250 rebels from Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) plus 500 of their dependents gave themselves up for repatriation to Congolese government troops and local militias in Walungu, South Kivu in eastern Congo on 2 January.

But the plan went wrong and ended in heavy fighting between the Rwandan rebels and the Congolese forces. Further fighting has ensued and the rebels have now escaped into the forest.

Over 5,800 families have been forced to flee because of the fighting. Caritas Bukavu is working in the area to provide emergency food rations for one or two weeks, thanks to funds received from Caritas members.

Read the full story in French

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One response to “Rebel repatriation goes wrong in Congo leading to new crisis

  1. When the rebels mutinied from the army in April they said it was because a 2009 deal to end a previous uprising had not been fulfilled, and they were not given army posts promised.

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