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Violence flares in Nigeria

Post election violence in Nigeria

By Caritas Nigeria staff

A crisis has erupted in Sokoto after presidential elections ended in violence. The conflict has caused the destruction of lives and property worth millions of naira. Some of the people are displaced from their homes and their means of livelihood taken away owing to the destruction that has taken place.

MALUMFASHI: This area saw the destruction of property. Churches were destroyed, vehicles were burnt and houses were razed by the miscreants. These include ECWA Church, Baptist Church, Cherubim and Seraphim, as well as the homes of many Christians and their places of business.

FUNTUA: This area witnessed the destruction of lives and properties of Christians. St. Theresa’s Catholic Church,  First Baptist Church, as well as the homes and property of Christians who, mostly are taking refuge at Police Stations and the premises of the Federal Government Girls College, Bakori. Their houses have been burnt down and they are completely displaced.

Many have been killed in Funtua and very many are wounded and are in the hospitals. There is a need for an emergency response to aid this people who are displaced and are in need of measures to help them get their lives together to move on.

In Malumfashi, the number of displaced persons is estimated at 1,320 (one thousand, three hundred and twenty), while in Funtua the number of displaced persons is estimated at 1,500.

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Violence is not the answer in the Niger Delta

Children orphaned by fighting stand in the ruins of their home in Dooshima 11 at the Ibi district of Taraba state, in north-central Nigeria, May 1,2004. REUTERS/George Esiri.

Statement by His Excellency, Archbishop Felix A. Job, Catholic Archbishop of Ibadan and President, Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, on the Current Military/Militant Clashes in the Niger Delta in Nigeria.

We, the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria view with grave concern the current sustained clashes between militant groups in the Niger Delta, especially in the areas of South West Warri and its environs, and the Joint Military Taskforce of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

As the Chief Shepherds of the people of God in Nigeria, we are particularly pained by the suffering, displacements and deaths of innocent citizens in the Niger Delta Region which have resulted from “operation Cordon and search” since May 12, 2009. This military operation has mostly brought about untold hardship on the ordinary citizens of the rural communities in the Niger Delta.
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Violence flares in Nigeria

By Fr. Peter Babangida Audu, National Secretary, JDP/Caritas Nigeria


The situation is Jos in getting better, but there are still some areas that very tense and with presence of military personnel. The dusk to dawn curfew is not lifted yet, but gradually relative calm has returned. Some banks started operation today, and life is returning to normal.

However the state of many refugees is a cause of concern. As of yesterday the camps were crowded with people in great need for basic items.

Reports from the local Caritas shows that there is about 18 camps, while government says 26.

The number is close to 30, 000 people made of children, women, sick, Muslims, Traditionalists and Christians. Some of the camps are strategic and so people could run to them for safety. Some have today left the camps and either returned to what is left of their homes or moved to the suburbs for a while. Most of those left in the camps are people who have nowhere to go to; their homes are burnt, no cloth, not food and are vulnerable to epidemic.

The Nigerian Bishops have called on all the dioceses in the country to organize fundraising.


Reports reaching me show that Jos city, the capital of Plateau State in Nigeria, was in flames last weekend. It all started on Friday. It started as a political conflict which resulted in full scale violence as a result of the Local Government elections which just ended in the state. It is said that some sections were angry because the candidate that won is not their choice.

What started as a political violence then turned religious. Many places of worship are destroyed, houses burned as well as business centres. Many lives are lost. The papers report about 430 persons who have already been given a mass burial. What this means is that the number could be more. Many are injured and now in the hospitals.

The provincial and formation houses of the Augustinian fathers were affected. Some of the students on formationshave been hospitalised. The Archdiocese of Jos and caritas Nigeria is now faced with another man made crisis. The number of IDPs is great. But no full statistics at the moment.

We will however ask for your great support at this time especially for the families that lost their dear ones, the injured, and IDPs.

Let us keep especially the Archbishop of Jos, Most Rev. Ignatius kaigama and the entire people of God in the Archdiocese and the people of Plateau State in our prayers for healing and peace.

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