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Colombia: la Semana por la Paz 2011

Colombians are committing themselves to peace and defending dignity this week. A civil war in Colombia since the  mid-1960’s has forced millions of people from their homes, destroyed communities and caused untold suffering.

Caritas Colombia Director Hector Fabio Henao says ‘Peace Week’ creates a space for ordinary people to identify with the peace process, it bares witness to the thousands of people who dedicate their lives to stopping the country’s decades long war and it looks to support the victims of violence.

The theme of this years: “I build peace when….” You can start by watching the offical video.

More can be found on Peace Week at the Caritas Colombia website

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A cuatros años del terremoto, un camino de esfuerzo, solidaridad y esperanza se ha forjado


Ocurrido el terremoto del 15 de agosto del 2007, la Red Cáritas brindó ayuda humanitaria y apoyó en la rehabilitación temprana de las familias, creándose el Programa de Reconstrucción Integral en las zonas afectadas.

Hoy, esta tarea continúa y seguimos implementando proyectos que permiten obtener un mayor impacto y sostenibilidad en la intervención realizada para garantizar la mejora de la calidad de vida de las familias damnificadas por el terremoto.

El Programa de Reconstrucción Integral de Cáritas viene trabajando seis componentes y sus principales logros son:

Reconstrucción Educativa

· 23 Instituciones Educativas reconstruidas y totalmente equipadas.

· Capacitación a 21 directivos y 135 docentes en gestión institucional, estrategias pedagógicas y diseños de materiales educativos.

· 7,183 alumnos, 340 docentes y directores beneficiados.

Reconstrucción de Viviendas

· 1, 010 familias beneficiadas con la construcción de viviendas sismo resistentes.

· 3,330 familias capacitadas en higiene y mantenimiento de viviendas y letrinas.

Mejora de actividades económicas productivas

· 23 canales de riego rehabilitados y construidos que abastecen 1,628 Has. en 23 comunidades beneficiando a 1,887 familias.

· 141 huertos familiares instalados.

· 6 pozos de agua construidos que benefician a 301 familias y abastecen 565 Has.

Salud y Nutrición

· Casa de atención materno infantil y una posta de salud construidas en Castrovirreyna, Huancavelica.

· 72 promotores de salud comunal capacitados.

· 3,330 familias capacitadas en nutrición, agua segura, higiene e identificación de Infecciones Respiratorias Agudas -IRAS y Enfermedades Diarreicas Agudas- EDAS.

· 1,400 familias de Pisco y Castrovirreyna se beneficiaron con campañas de atención médica.

Agua, Saneamiento y Medio Ambiente

· 1, 560 personas con acceso a agua segura.

· 1 sistema de agua potable con piletas públicas para 103 familias de Cañete

· 15.9 has. de bosques reforestados en Castrovirreyna, Huancavelica.

Fortalecimiento de la organización y capacidades locales

· 965 representantes de organizaciones de la sociedad civil capacitados en la elaboración y uso de mapas de riesgos y planes de contingencia.

· 11 Comités de Prevención de Riesgos fortalecidos

Invitamos a visitar nuestro sitio web para mayores detalles de nuestras acciones.

“Sigamos reconstruyendo vidas con fe y esperanza”

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Hola España!

World Youth Day 2011 kicks off in Madrid on 16th August. Elizabeth Pappalardo and Krystie Tham from Caritas Australia are just two of the hundreds of thousands of young people who will travel to the Spanish capital to celebrate their faith and join in the celebrations.

From our experiences at World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney, we will never forget the pride we felt in being young Australian Catholics. Being witnesses of love and peace through smiles, laughter, singing and dancing as the diversity of cultures and nations came together, was a week we will never forget.

World Youth Day is a significant event for young Catholics as the diversity of nations and countries joined under the Catholic Church unite to share their faith. The experience rejuvenates us to spread the gospel of Jesus in our home lands.

We are looking forward to being a part of the love and joy shared during World Youth Day in Madrid from 16- 21 August. We are excited to share our spiritual journey with passionate young Catholics from around the world. We feel privileged to be able to take this journey and represent Caritas Australia.  For those who will be taking part in the event and manage to spot us amongst the exuberant crowds in our red Caritas shirts, make sure you come and say HOLA!😀
Continue reading

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Entrevista con Jorge Laffose, Secretario General de Cáritas Perú

Jorge Laffose, Secretario General de Cáritas Perú. Credit: Alberto Arciniega Rossano/Cáritas Mexicana

Por: Alberto Arciniega Rossano – Cáritas Mexicana

¿Cuáles son los proyectos más importantes que tiene Cáritas Perú en estos momentos?

En Perú la Cáritas se orienta a trabajar en la promoción del desarrollo humano integral, Perú es un país en el cual la pobreza es muy grande, estamos trabajando mucho en el proceso de la reducción de la pobreza, se habla mucho y es muy cierto en los últimos años Perú ha tenido un crecimiento económico muy grande, pero las brechas que existen son cada vez más grandes, es por ello que los sectores de pobreza con la cual nos enfrentamos requieren de un trato muy especial para poder proporcionarle condiciones de vida mucho más dignas.

Las líneas de acción que estamos trabajando desde Cáritas se orientan hacia promoción de la salud, y la nutrición infantil, desarrollo de programas y proyectos productivos que le proporcionen a las comunidades recursos económicos para que ellos puedan mejorar su situación económica, programas de agua y saneamiento básico, programas de participación ciudadana, en los procesos de desarrollo local. Continue reading

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“Democratization in Africa is irreversible”

Grégoire Niaudet of the International Advocacy Department at Secours Catholique-Caritas France speaking at a workshop about election processes in Africa. Credit: Elodie Perriot/Secours Catholique-Caritas France

Read in French
By Clémence Richard from Secours Catholique-Caritas France

The World Social Forum that currently takes place in Dakar, Senegal, started this Monday with a Pan-African day. Representatives of African civil society talked about the situation on their continent and pleaded for transparent election processes.

“It is badly gained power that leads to badly gained goods,” said a representative of the Gabonese civil society. Elections are often held in non-democratic ways in the countries they are from. Continue reading

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Civil society uniting to build a different world

100 Caritas representatives from many countries march to the rhythm of the drums while heading towards the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar where the 10th edition of the World Social Forum takes place. Credits: Elodie Perriot / Secours Catholique

Available in French and Spanish

By Clémence Richard from Secours Catholique-Caritas France

Dakar, 2 pm: Under the burning sun, Sfax Place in the city centre is filling with crowds of marchers. African women dressed in colourful outfits dance to the rhythm of a tune that goes: “Solidarity with the women from all over the world”. Further down, Amnesty International shows a banner denouncing forced expulsion of people. “One human family, zero poverty”, members of Caritas Internationalis shout. Continue reading

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Haiti mourns its loss one year after quake

Cardinal Robert Sarah, president of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, assured Haitians on the one-year anniversary of the Port-au-Prince earthquake that they are not alone in their sufferings. Photo by Alsy Acevedo/CRS

Read in French or Spanish

Homily of Cardinal Robert Sarah, President of Pontifical Council Cor Unum

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

(Hebrews 2:14-18; Psalms 105:1-2, 3-4, 8-9; Mark 1:29-39)

Cher tout people Haïtien:

Moin poté la pé ak Ké Kontan Gran Mèt la pou nou.

Dear Haitian people,

I bring you the peace and joy of the Lord.

Exactly one year after the devastating earthquake that struck this dear country of Haiti, I come to you on behalf of the Holy Father. Through my presence, Pope Benedict XVI wishes to demonstrate his nearness to you. We are still in mourning for thousands of people who were dear to us: children, parents, brothers and sisters, as well as priests, religious and seminarians, including our Father and Brother, Monsignor Joseph Serge Miot, Archbishop of Port-au-Prince. All of these victims loved life just as much as we do. They lost it full of fear and in great pain. Some of them had family ties with you, and you are still mourning them. In an instant, many thousands of you lost all your possessions and today still don’t know how to plan a future life. Many remarkable buildings and monuments, some of them religious, lie in ruins. I’m thinking in particular of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, which once stood in the very place we are gathered today. Sickness and death continue to strike you. The joy of living seems to have been shattered by this tragedy caused by a natural disaster, and not by a divine curse. Continue reading

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