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World Refugee Day: A day in the life of a camp in Chad

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By Antoine ADOUM GOULGUE, Communications officer at SECADEV (Caritas Chad)
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Thursday, May 20, was the last day of transfer for refugees from Birack, a Sudanese camp close to the border that hosted 5,000 people waiting to be transferred to camps in Chad. In the morning, humanitarian workers from Guereda camp left to get the sixth and last group of refugees.

The day before, 272 refugees had arrived at the Guereda camp. They were waiting to be registered and to settle in.

There were plenty of things to do this day, for example set up a new hall and 272 tents, prepare hot meals, distribute food and non food items.

There were people everywhere, most of them women and children. Their personal belongings were all over the place. Those families who had some flour left were preparing the Fotour (breakfast).

The registration process started with vaccination. People were pushing one another and some of the children were crying.
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