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Haiti’s bishops on elections

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By the Bishops of Haiti

Dear brothers and sisters, beloved in Christ and the mother country,

On the day on which we commemorate the “discovery of Haiti”, the Church wishes to invite all Haitians both here and elsewhere to rediscover their values as a people. These include:

  • the spirit of fraternity and unity that stems from the birth of our national history
  • the spirit of sacrifice that characterises our culture
  • the generosity that binds together family and interpersonal ties
  • the trust in God and ourselves that helps us to overcome countless ordeals.

In the face of economic, social and political difficulties, we cannot afford to get bogged down in complicated discussions. Now is the time to pull ourselves together and find paths of mutual trust, tolerance, truth, justice and peace in order to make progress. All of this is needed to free up a country that is paralysed, largely due to our internal quarrels.
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