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Caritas Nigeria responds to Jos crisis

At least 25,000 people have fled their homes after interreligious violence broke out last week in the Nigerian city of Jos.

Violence between Christians and Muslims flared Sunday 17 January in the city that Caritas on the ground is describing as instantaneous rather than pre-meditated.

Fighting spread into rural areas and a military curfew has been established.

There are several reports of armed civilians dressed in military uniforms killing people in many parts of the city, the security personnel are reported to have arrested some of these fake military men. Reports from

There are about 25,000 displaced people now in 15 camps and many more are living with relatives or host families. The casualty figures are reported to be between 300 – 500 people killed and over a thousand injured.

“With the curfew and the cold weather most displaced people will be in great need of food, water, mats and blankets. As an interim measure we are preparing a plan for 2000 displaced people (400 families),” said Fr. Peter Audu of Caritas Nigeria

The Catholic Church in Nigeria has set up a structure to take relief to the Jos crisis.

As an interim measure Caritas Nigeria is preparing a plan to assist 2000 displaced people (400 families) with food water and blankets.


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